About Us

The Story of Maddison Street Boutique 

Hello and welcome to Maddison Street Boutique! I'm Ro, the owner, and I'm so excited you stopped by to learn a little more about this special store!
My husband, Joe and I were married very young. We were 19 and so in love. We had two beautiful children, bought our dream home, and began living our dream life. At 22, Joe landed an amazing job as a contractor for the FAA, and we decided I would stay home to be the full-time mom and wife I had always longed to be. We were living the dream! 

All of that came crashing down in a moment. 

At age one, our daughter Maddy was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Our son Ethan was only three. We went from blissful to devastated in moments. Then we became fighters. Over the next two and half years, we fought for and along side our daughter as she endured several rounds of chemo and two bone marrow transplants. Joe took an extended leave from his job, and we moved from California to North Carolina to give Maddy the only chance she had for survival. 
While living in North Carolina, we spent our days in a hospital room, a small apartment, or on short outings to a park away from people. We spent those days talking about what we would do when Maddy recovered, and we returned home. We loved being together so much, we dreamed of starting our own business and running it together. 

But we didn't return home with our daughter. Cancer took her life, and we returned home with massive medical debt and huge holes in our hearts. We had to sell our home, move in with Joe's parents, grieve, and recover from medical debt that weighed us down for years. But we didn't lose sight of what we wanted. Now there was a desire that went deeper than just wanting to do something fun together. It was a legacy we would build. 
Fast forward five years: we were digging ourselves out of debt and could see life beginning to feel okay again. We bought a home in a great neighborhood, Ethan didn't need me full time anymore while he was in school, and I felt pulled in a pretty incredible new direction. I had an overwhelming desire to help women who couldn't have children. Over the next five years, I carried three children for two incredible women. My family helped two other families build what was so precious to us. It was so fulfilling! But the legacy we wanted to create in our daughters' name still wasn't complete. 
In 2016 I partnered with a company and started a boutique, and it turned into something so much more than clothes. It turned into a passion! It wasn't just a passion for clothing, fashion, and business ownership. It was a passion for allowing women to believe in themselves. I didn't just sell clothes; I created a community where women could be encouraged to be their best selves, and it began to grow!

Since launching Maddison Street Boutique we have moved from California, to Nevada, and have now settled in Arizona near family. Maddison Street is our daughter's legacy! We will continue to encourage everyone who crosses our path to stop comparing themselves to others highlight reels and be true to themselves through style and grace. 
This is our story. We look forward to getting to know yours!
Ro & Joe